Black History Month (BHM) Portrait Series

In the 15 plus years that I’ve lived in the US, I’ve had the good fortune of developing a culturally diverse social circle. Living In NYC and Philly has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and creative people whom I now have the good fortune of calling my friends.

The Black History Month (BHM) Portrait Series is an effort on my part to celebrate some of my most talented friends who are African-American. In the process I hope to shed some light on their amazing talents and the vibrance that their heritage and history brings to our lives. This is also a learning process for me as it allows me to get more intimately familiar with African-American culture and heritage. Being a minority and immigrant myself, I’ve always considered it important to be educated and well-informed about the various races and cultures that surround us.

Hopefully this month long journey will prove to be enjoyable for everyone concerned as I navigate it in the way I know best, through my photographs.