Till Death Do Us Part….

One of the many vows that we make to our significant other, a promise to be there until the inevitable eventually consumes one of us. Not to be morbid, but my first Valentine’s day with my then-girlfriend, now-wife, was actually at the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA. 

‘Til Death Do Us Part: The Love Stories of Laurel Hill is an annual event hosted by this cemetery for everyone looking for an unconventional, yet memorable Valentine’s Day experience. Indeed, it feels a little weird at first to be trudging amongst the dead while holding hands with your better half, but that’s the whole point. The tour sheds light on untold tales of love and is also a great opportunity to tour this expansive property filled with some unique tombs.

From a photographer’s standpoint, Laurel Hill is a uniquely challenging location that can energise your creative process. In fact, they also have a tour known as the Lunar Stroll, specifically for taking photos after sunset. It would have been more appropriate if the tour was timed with a full-moon, but even in the absence of that, this can be an eerie and fun experience.

Below are some photographs from both these tours, I hope you enjoy them. Happy Valentine’s Day!