What’s In Your Social Media?

Social media is a tool with many purposes. For most of us it’s a way to share snippets of our lives with close family and friends. But for some it’s a profession, a full time career, a way of life. Social media has become such an integral part of our daily routine that it is second nature to most of us. There are plenty of ways in which we are active on social medial but the one activity that especially stands out is sharing photos. Given the volume of photos taken on a daily basis around the world, sharing photos on social media is the single most prolific activity amongst all of our social media interactions combined.

As a photographer, the plethora of social media platforms allow me a range of options to share my work online with a large audience. What’s even more remarkable is how I can do all of this with just a fraction of the effort that I would have needed a few years ago. Of course, treading the waters of social media pose its own challenges and it isn’t always easy to get the kind of visibility that one desires. Which is why it’s important to identify your purpose and choose corresponding social media platforms that complement it. For instance, my social media platforms of choice have been Instagram, for its cohesive and dedicated approach to visual media and Facebook for its marketing tools and audience reachability.  It goes without saying that your purpose(s) might be different, therefore your choice of social media platforms should be made accordingly. 

I bring this up because one of the most common questions that I get asked by my clients, especially wedding clients, is what’s the best way for them to not only research wedding motifs but also share their wedding photos. My answer is simple, identify the platforms where you interact most with your family and friends and then use those platforms. The key here, as I said before, is to identify the purpose of sharing your photos, then choosing your social media platforms accordingly.

While I do my best to provide my clients with as much guidance as possible, I’m not a social media expert by any stretch. So it’s probably best for me to just defer to the experts in this matter. The good folks at “ShootDotEdit”, a service which I use and highly recommend to other photographers, have an amazing article on this subject. This article is well researched and thorough and should provide prospective brides with all the tools that they will need to use social media effectively for both wedding planning and post-wedding media sharing.


I’ve never actually promoted anything on my website or blog, but when I came across this article, I couldn’t help but start forwarding it to all my current and prospective wedding clients. I finally decided to write a post on here so that I can get this out to as many people as possible. Hope this proves to be useful for anyone that’s either a prospective bride or knows someone that’s about to be one. And of course, if you’re either of the above and are reading this post, it goes without saying, please drop me a line to talk to me about your wedding photography needs!