Quirky & Fun: Tara & Will

Approximately three years ago I met Tara at one of my exhibitions in Philadelphia, little did I know this would be the start of a beautiful friendship. Over the years Tara has not only become a close friend, but also a huge supporter of my work. Naturally, when Tara & Will asked me if I would do an engagement photoshoot for them, I couldn’t have been happier!

I was first introduced to Will on my birthday last year when Tara brought him over as her “Plus ONE”; these two couldn’t be more different! Tara, a fun, quirky, loud and “make your presence felt in the room” kind of girl.  Will a shy, quiet and more subdued kind of guy……yep, they are totally meant to be!

Although the date of the shoot was decided between Tara & Will, the theme of the shoot itself was undecided. So Will & I brainstormed a few ideas over coffee at Rittenhouse Square Park and decided that a picnic theme would work best. Who doesn’t love picnics?!

On the day of the shoot, Tara & Will showed up at Washington Square Park with their picnic basket and their cute, little pup Stevie. They looked beautiful & picture perfect! Engagement shoots can be a little tricky as couples can sometimes tend to get exhausted and feel a little worn out, after all you aren’t being yourself. So my direction to Tara & Will was to just be themselves and enjoy the picnic….eat, be messy, have fun!

The photoshoot started at the park and as the champagne flowed and the couple “loosened up” we decided to have more fun. After we finished at the park, we went to Tara’s father’s lovely home in Society Hill. But then as quirky as Tara can be, she had the outrageous idea of heading to her local gym, unannounced, so that we could take some photos there. This couldn’t have been a better idea! We finally finished off the shoot at Tara & Will’s new home close to Rittenhouse Square and although we were all a little tired, the day couldn’t have gone any better.

I had a great time photographing this fun & lovely couple and I wish these two the very best for what lies ahead.