1. Music Diaries: Stones In Pockets

    2017-02-16 15:48:00 UTC

    “Stones In Pockets” is an NYC based acoustic-rock band that’s the brainchild and pet project of Neil Bhay, an ex-colleague and good friend of mine. Last month when I received an invitation to their gig at the Leftfield Bar in the lower east side (LES) of Manhattan, I wanted to…

  2. Till Death Do Us Part….

    2017-02-14 23:08:00 UTC

    One of the many vows that we make to our significant other, a promise to be there until the inevitable eventually consumes one of us. Not to be morbid, but my first Valentine’s day with my then-girlfriend, now-wife, was actually at the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.  ‘Til Death

  3. BHM Portrait Series, Part 1: Rich Sanders

    2017-02-11 13:44:00 UTC

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, Rich is the quintessential black millennial male. Sporting dreadlocks, his striking appearance, wit and humour are readily apparent from the moment you meet him. Working as a graphics designer, Rich is also an immensely talented photographer, a vocation he has ardently pursued for nearly 4…

  4. Black History Month (BHM) Portrait Series

    2017-02-08 16:02:00 UTC

    In the 15 plus years that I’ve lived in the US, I’ve had the good fortune of developing a culturally diverse social circle. Living In NYC and Philly has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and creative people whom I now have the good fortune…

  5. Travel Diaries: Paris

    2017-01-25 14:12:56 UTC

    It goes without saying, Paris is considered as one of THE most romantic places in the world. The mystique, the enigma, the exoticism, the cuisine, the culture and last, but not least, the vibe of this city is extraordinary! I’m sure we all know at least one person who’s been…